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Frequently Asked Questions

When you subscribe to the monthly plan, you will automatically be charged monthly until you cancel. We offer a 13% discount on annual plans. When you subscribe to the annual plan, you will automatically be charge annually, and your subscription will automatically renew annualy until you cancel.

When you enroll in a monthly or annual plan, you pay up-front to access Approvedsocial.io for the next month or year, respectively. However, you may cancel at any time during your billing cycle and you’ll retain full access to that plan until the end of that billing cycle.

Yes. We apply applicable taxes to your total charge based on your billing addresses

The owner of the account and the account manager can add new team members.

If you exceed your current plan limits, the application will warn you about which limit you’ve exceeded. You’ll have 6 days to either meet your current plan limits or upgrade to a higher plan, during which time you can continue to work without interruption.

Yes. If at any time you need additional features or seats, you can immediately upgrade.

Our Enterprise plan has no maximum client limit. If you are on a Team or Pro plan and want to add more than 25 clients, chat with someone from our Sales department.

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